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Champagne Let's Cheer.....................

Let`s Cheers!!! 

No matters what kind of celebrations do you celebrate?
No celebration is complete without champagne .So knows about the champagne and how to serve it.
Champagne is one of the finest sparkling wine obtained by the double fermentation of freshly gathered grapes juice. It is produced within the champagne region of France from which it takes its name .The first and most complex process, la me`thode champenoise is used for making finest champagne in the world. It is traditionally method by which champagne is produced by second fermentation occurs in the wine bottle .Dom pe`rignon, cellar master at the Abbey at hautivillers from 1670 to 1715 is credited with inventing la me`thode champenoise.
The grapes used for the production of champagne must be Pinot Noir (black grape), Pinot Meunier (black grape) and Chardonnay (white grape).
Champagne has available in different taste and colours.The amount of sugar present determines the type of champagne:

Brut, nature or Zero       : Bone dry, less than 1 percent sugar
Extra Sec or tre`s sec     : Literally, extra dry but actually a bit sweeter than brut   with 1 to 2 percent sugar.
Sec                                 : Literally, dry but actually slightly sweet with about 3 percent sugar
Demi –sec                      : Half dry but actually medium sweet with about 5 percent sugar
Doux or rich                            : quite sweet
The cheaper champagne is the sweeter ones, as sugar is often used to hide a lack of quality. So brut champagne is better quality as doux champagne.
Serving Champagne:
Champagne may be served at anytime, anywhere, and with any food, but Demi-Sec is best served with dessert .These are some few points must be kept in mind while serving champagne:
§  Champagne should be served between 4degrees and 7degrees Celsius. The lower temperature for the sweeter ones and the higher for the drier ones. A dry champagne will lose its aroma when it chills too much.
§  The bottle should be held from the body & never by the neck.
§  The foil should be removed firstly and the wire loop is twisted and the wire removed. Holding the bottle at 45 degree angle from the glass in the right hand with the thumb on the cork, the cork is grabbed with the left hand, twisted off and the wine poured into the glass.
§  Champagne glasses should always be slim and tall such as champagne flute or tulip. The most beautiful thing about champagne is the bubbles, which rise continually. The narrower and taller the glass, the less bubbles will be lost.
§  The glass shouldn’t be filled more than two third.
§  Never use swizzle sticks in champagne. After taking so many years to create those beautiful bubbles in a bottle, it is a sin to destroy them in a few minutes.
Tips for selecting good Champagne:

The choice of champagne depends upon taste of the person but the buyer should know how to select the right champagne for right time. It must be purchased according to the event and the choice of the guest but the buyer should know more about selecting good champagne .These are some useful tips on how to choose champagne.

§  Decide the budget
§  Decide about the level of sweetness
§  Select the real one  i.e. Champagne from Champagne region
§  Know the basic about Champagne
§  Check the shippers name with country
§  Check the brands name of bottle
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